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Using antique harness and wire braiding machines, Narragansett Reproductions has been helping classic and antique car lovers restore the electrical systems
of their treasured automobiles.

Antique machinery, a wide variety
of historical drawings and innovative techniques are what make Narragansett Reproductions unique.

Wiring harnesses come complete with installation instructions...something that is seldom included from other companies.

Narragansett Reproductions can also install your wiring harness for you.

Our wiring harnesses are built for commercial use by trailer and truck manufacturers and available at wholesale prices to other antique car part retail businesses. For example, Narragansett Reproductions has filled an order for several 30' long harnesses for Nova Scotia ambulances.

For those with a passion for the authenticity of their old cars wires, but who also want the safety of modern plastic wires, Narragansett Reproductions provides the solution, the lacquered and braided finish over plastic coated wires.

Note: In the mid-1950's U.S. automobile manufacturers switched from the braided and lacquered wires to plastic coated wires.


Narragansett Reproductions provides the following services and benefits that make us uniquely qualified to build your wiring harness.

  • Our machine shop can reproduce any tooling necessary to duplicate original molds. We have the injection molding machines required to produce special plugs and insulators.

  • We have gone to the extent of having our own connectors cast to terminate our highly authentic battery cables.

  • Our facility is capable of producing any braided and lacquered or PVC wire in any color combination.

  • We have other types of wire such as armored, shielded, and lamp cord.

  • Many hard-to-find connectors are also available.

  • A braiding service is offered for those who wish to build their own harness.

  • Street Rods and Hot Rods are also a specialty. We will work with the vehicle designer to custom-craft a special harness for their unique vehicle.

  • Optional wires can be incorporated into any harness system. This would include relay systems for hidden turn signals and four-way flashers. Wires can be inserted for fog lights, electric fuel pumps, and any other accessory or special item.


All of our drawings are color, gage, and terminal correct. When we get an order for a harness that we have not built in the past, our in-house draftsman works up a blueprint, or shop drawing. We use the schematics and the customers original to prepare the shop drawing. The reason we require the customer to send the originals is the schematics don't give all the necessary information that is required to build a harness from. Although the schematic tells you what color the wire is and where it goes to, it doesn't tell you the correct gages, individual wire lengths, types of terminals and connectors used, nor what type of braid or loom might have been used. This is how we ensure our harnesses are exact duplicates of the originals.

Once the draftsperson has completed the shop drawing, we can price the harness and quote the customer. Upon approval, the harness is put into production. We start with OEM approved PVC wire. We braid and lacquer all the wire used in our harnesses right here in our own shop. We even do our own striping where required on our PVC harnesses.

When an assembler begins a harness, he pulls the appropriate wire and cuts it to length according to our shop drawings. We now offer wiring harnesses for a wide range of applications including motorcycles, boats, trailers and planes. We are constantly adding to our line of harnesses, as our machine shop completes the tooling required for many hard to find connectors and molded plugs. We constantly seek out new ways to improve our products

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