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Narragansett Reproductions, located in southern Rhode Island, has been manufacturing top quality replacement wiring harnesses for over 38 years. Functionality is a given, but the key word here is "Authenticity". If your goal is a 100 point show car or simply a reliable every day driver, Narragansett Reproductions is the place to do your shopping.

wiring harness
wiring harness
  primary copper wire
braided and laquered primary copper wire

Narragansett Reproductions has an ever expanding line of injection molded harnesses.

This type of construction was typical of harnesses manufactured for 50 & 60 era Fords & Mopars, also some European autos such as Jaguars and MGs.

The wires in these harnesses are molded together into plugs with mating patterns which simplifies installation.

Our in house machinists are making new
tooling everyday to keep up with this rapidly growing demand.


You will be hard pressed to find a reproduction wiring harness as authentic as Narragansett's.

Although our harnesses look exactly like the originals, they are actually far more superior. We use the wire industries latest materials.

Wardwell braiding machinery, unique to the classic automotive industry, is used to make those modern materials appear as they did over five decades ago.

The resulting product is commonly known as "braided and lacquered" wire.

Street rods and custom builds are currently the main stream. The arrangement of the electrical components varies greatly from one project to the next. In these situations Narragansett Reproductions will design and build wiring harnesses to fit your electrical system specifically. This also allows you the option of matching your color scheme, or just the opposite, hiding the harnesses altogether.

Narragansett Reproductions takes great pride in our knowledgeable sales staff. Most everyone employed here has a personal interest in the collector car hobby. This enables the company as a whole to relate with our valued customers on a more personal level.

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