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The owners, Ed and Miki Pease of Narragansett Reproductions have been involved in classic or antique car restoration since 1968.

A family business today, Narragansett Reproductions' staff includes Edmund and Eric Pease, involved with antique cars since their childhood.

In 1978, realizing the high cost and time consuming process of reproductions and that many owners prefer to do some of their car restoration themselves, the Pease family started marketing wiring harnesses and trim.


With newly acquired antique harness and braiding machines and everything else having to do with lacquered and braided wire, the Pease's repositioned the business.

About the same time the Pease family found the perfect spot to expand the growing business at Wood River Junction, Rhode Island. The eight and a half acre property includes a building for the plant, a mid-1800's white house, a river and a waterfall.

Using their own innovative techniques, access to historical drawings and the antique harness and braiding machines, Ed and Miki Pease developed Narragansett Reproductions into one of the top companies in the U.S. providing wiring harnesses for antique and classic cars.

In the past, Ed and Miki marketed their restorations, wiring harness and trim parts and accessories business by traveling the country in a trailer turned antique car parts store. Today business is done through the mail, over the phone and now
via the web.

Our wiring harness catalogs include parts for many models including Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and more.

Narragansett Reproductions is located in a rural area of southern Rhode Island. Owners, Ed Pease and his wife Miki are avid antique and classic car lovers. Their primary interest in antique automobiles is in Lincolns. Mention the word around either of them and their ears perk up, their hearts begin to race, their palms get sweaty.............well, maybe that's a little exaggerated, but you get the picture. Together they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the antique car industry.

Learn more about the owners in the September 2000 issue of Car & Parts, which featured the Pease family in the article, Woodie Resto.

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